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  • Treatment: infertility
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The main active ingredient in Zyhcg Injection is human chorionic gonadotropin. It is used to treat infertility in both men and women. A doctor or nurse will administer this drug to you. Don't inject yourself with this drug.

Zyhcg HCG Hp 10000 IU Injection Uses:

• Female infertility:

This medication is used to treat female infertility, which is brought on by hormonal imbalances in the body and affects women who have not yet reached menopause but are unable to conceive.

• Male infertility:

This medication is used to treat male infertility brought on by a drop in a particular hormone the body produces.

• Cryptorchidism:

The drug is used to treat the condition in which one of a child's two testes does not fall into the scrotal sac.

Zyhcg HCG 10000 IU uses:

Zyhcg injection, which works similarly to a hormone, promotes the release of an egg during ovulation and helps an egg develop properly in a woman's ovary. It helps women treat infertility, or the inability to get pregnant.

As well as helping some men's normal sexual development, men also utilize this medicine to increase their sperm counts.

How Does It Function?

It's similar to chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone that occurs naturally and helps with pregnancy and reproduction.

Zyhcg Injection attaches to an organ receptor on the ovary cells that is also shared by luteinizing hormone, a hormone that helps in puberty and conception.

Use Instructions for Zyhcg HCG 10000 IU:

• Don't administer this drug to yourself.

• Pay attention to your doctor's or nurse's instructions throughout the procedure or for aftercare.

When should you avoid using?

• Allergy:

You shouldn't use this medication if you have a history of being allergic to gonadotropic medications.

• Precocious puberty:

This medicine should not be administered to children who have already experienced puberty.

• Prostate Cancer:

It is not recommended to use this drug if a male patient has prostate cancer or is suspected of having it.

Side Effects of 10000 IU of Zyhcg HCG:


·         Tiredness;

·         Nausea and vomiting;

·         Constipation  

·         Diarrhea; reaction at the injection site,

·         Including pain,

·         Redness, and swelling;

         Irrationality and restlessness;

         Breast pain


A prostate cancer diagnosis:

 Patients who have prostate cancer or androgen-dependent malignancies are not advised to take ZyhCG  HCG 10000 iu. A thorough test should be performed prior to beginning treatment with ZyhCG 10000 iu medicine.

Hormonal disorders:

This medication should only be used with extreme caution in patients who have hormonal imbalances caused by abnormal thyroid, pituitary, or adrenal gland activity.

Ovarian cyst:

This drug should not be used by women who have an ovarian cyst or an enlarged ovary. In certain cases, the symptoms could possibly get worse or even rupture.

Storage and disposal of Zyhcg HCG 10000 IU:

• Store this injection according to the directions on the container.

• Keep animals and children away from it.



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