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Vigore Force

Vigore Force
Vigore Force
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  • Brand: German Remedies
  • Model: Vigore Force
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  • Active Ingredient: Dapoxetine
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfu
  • Alcohol: Do not Drink

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The Vigora Force Tablet combines two drugs to treat adult men's premature ejaculation.

It facilitates male erections by increasing blood flow to the penis. Use this drug only as directed by your physician.

How Does It Act?

Vigore Force successfully improves penile functioning and postpones sperm discharge in patients with sexual dysfunction.

Dapoxetine stops ejaculation by preventing serotonin from being taken up again by nerve cells.

The ejaculate (semen) takes longer to release as a result during sexual engagement. Serotonin activity in the brain is increased by this.

Penile erections are enhanced by sildenafil's improvement of penile blood flow. It works by obstructing the actions of particular physiological enzymes (PDE5) that limit blood flow to the penis.

As a result, it improves penile function, eases the tension in the blood vessels that supply the penis, and keeps it erected all through sexual contact.

How Do I Use a Tablet of Vigore Force?

Take this tablet with your doctor's instructions. Take this with a glass of water.

Avoid crushing or chewing the medicine. Take VIGORE FORCE TABLET ideally 30 to 1 hour before any planned sexual activity, and preferably before meals.

Your doctor will choose the ideal therapy dose and duration for you based on your age, body weight, and overall health.

What dosage is the best for it?

You can take Vigora Force Tablet with or without food one to three hours before engaging in sexual activity, or as prescribed by your doctor. Avoid taking it unless your doctor has prescribed it.

Vigora Force Tablet should only be used under strict supervision if you have kidney or liver problems. Inform your doctor if you've ever experienced anxiety attacks, depression, or any other mental health problem.

What are the Side Effects?

The most frequent adverse effects of Vigore Force are flushing, dizziness, headache, blurred vision, muscular pain, nausea, exhaustion, increased perspiration, restlessness, and a decrease in sex drive.

Consult your doctor if any of these adverse effects disturb you.

Tell your doctor straight away if you get any protracted painful penile erections without sexual stimulation (priapism), dizziness when getting up quickly, unexpected mood changes, or suicidal thoughts after taking Vigore Force.


What are the Warnings & Precautions of this tablet?

·         Use of Vigora Force Tablet is not advised if premature ejaculation is not a problem for you.

·         Because it has not been established that this medicine is safe or effective for delaying ejaculation in healthy males, self-administration of this medication is not advised.

·         Vigora Force Tablet should only be used after a reliable diagnosis.

·         When you have an active bleeding illness, Vigora Force Tablet should be taken with caution due to the increased risk of serious bleeding.

·         A seizure is an episode of uncontrollable body activity that can occur when the electrical activity in the brain is disrupted. Use Vigora Force Tablet cautiously if you have seizures as this medicine may trigger them.

How to Storage Vigore Force?

Keep this tablet away from minors and store it below 30°C.

What If I Miss a Dose?

If you forget to take a dose of Vigora Force Tablet, do so right away. Skip the missed dose and continue with your regular schedule if your next dose is about to be taken. Avoid raising the dosage.

What signs of an overdose are there?

Never go beyond the recommended dosage. If you take more Vigora Force Tablet than is advised, whether on purpose or by accident, you risk experiencing severe dizziness, fainting, and a painful or protracted erection.

Speak with your doctor immediately away for further details.

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