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Baclof 10 Mg

Baclof 10 Mg
Baclof 10 Mg
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  • Brand: Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Model: Baclof 10mg
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  • Active Ingredient: Baclofen
  • Treatment: Muscle Pain
  • Alcohol: Don't Drink
  • MPN: B57L74F98

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The treatment Muscles can be calmed down with a Baclof 10 pill. Baclof 10 is used to treat any illness or damage to the brain or spinal cord that makes your muscles stiff or tight. The drug baclofen is what makes a Baclof 10 tablet work.

Follow the doctor's advice about how much and how long to take this medicine. It must be eaten with something. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant, want to get pregnant, or are nursing before you take this drug. Also, tell them about any other medicines you take and your health background.

Baclof 10 MG Is Used For

  • The Baclof 10 tablet is used to treat the tightness and stiffness of muscles caused by multiple sclerosis, damage to the brain or spinal cord, spinal cord disorders, etc.


Baclof 10 Tablet is a muscle relaxer. It works on the brain and spinal cord to reduce muscle stiffness or spasms while keeping muscle power. This makes muscles more flexible and lessens pain.


The BACLOF 10MG TABLET should be taken as your doctor tells you. Take the medicine with a full glass of water. Don't chew on the medicine or crush it. If you don't want to feel sick, it's best to take it with food or milk.

Your doctor will figure out the right dose and time of treatment for you based on your age, weight, and health.

Do not stop taking BACLOF 10MG TABLET without first talking to your doctor. If you do, you could have withdrawal symptoms like fits, hallucinations, mood swings, confusion, tighter muscles, a fast heart rate, fever, and muscle cramps.

Baclof 10 MG side effects

  • Mouth hurts
  • Lack of sleep Weakness
  • Get dizzy
  • Sore head
  • Feeling sick
  • Sore muscles



  • If a doctor says it's okay, you shouldn't take BACLOF 10MG TABLET while you're pregnant. So, talk to your doctor before you use it.


  • Women who are breastfeeding should be careful when taking BACLOF 10MG TABLET. So, talk to your doctor before you use it.


  • If you feel sleepy, dizzy, or have trouble seeing after taking BACLOF 10MG TABLET, do not drive or use heavy tools or machines.


  • If you drink while taking BACLOF 10MG TABLET, it could make you feel sleepy or sick.


  • If you are allergic to baclofen, don't take BACLOF 10MG TABLET.


In muscle relaxation

Baclof 10 Tablet is a drug that relaxes muscles and is used to treat stiffness, edema, and soreness in the skeletal muscles. It works by stopping the chemicals in the brain that are responsible for these symptoms. It works well to lessen muscle stiffness or spasm, which makes muscles work better.

Follow the directions carefully to get the most out of them. Don't take more or for longer than you need to because this can hurt you. In general, you should use the lowest useful dose for the shortest amount of time. You will find it easier to do the things you need to do every day and have a better, more busy life as a result.


Q: Does Baclof 10 help with pain?

A: No, it is not a painkiller. Instead, it is a muscle relaxant that is used to treat and lessen muscle spasms, which can be caused by a number of illnesses or accidents and cause your muscles to tighten.

Q: Will taking a Baclof 10 tablet make me tired?

A: One side effect of this medicine could be sleepiness or tiredness. If you take this medicine, you should either drive carefully or not at all.

Q: What do you do with Baclof 10?

A: Baclof 10 is used to treat muscle cramps caused by different diseases or injuries. In this situation, your muscles get tight or stiff.



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