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Armod 50 Mg Buy Online $0.87 Tablet Treat OSA and SWD

Armod 50 Mg Buy Online $0.87 Tablet Treat OSA and SWD
Armod 50 Mg Buy Online $0.87 Tablet Treat OSA and SWD
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  • Brand: Alpha Pharmaceuticals
  • Model: Armod 50mg
  • SKU: AMOD50
  • Active Ingredient: Armodafini
  • Treatment: Sleep Apnea
  • MPN: A85M57D42

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Armod 50 mg Tablets are used to encourage wakefulness in individuals who are excessively sleepy during the daytime or who are excessively sleepy as a result of sleeping disorders. If the work schedule is not modified to have a set sleeping period, it also aids in remaining awake throughout working hours. It won't treat sleep issues or eliminate all forms of drowsiness. When someone does not have a sleeping condition, it should not be used to delay sleep.

Uses of Armod 50 mg Tablet

  • Narcolepsy

Armod 50 mg Tablet helps people with narcolepsy, a disorder marked by abnormal sleep-wake cycles, who experience excessive daytime sleepiness.

  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea/Hypopnea Syndrome (OSAHS)

Patients with sleeping problems like Obstructive Sleep Apnea, in which breathing briefly stops or is shallow, loss of sleep at night, and daytime tiredness result, are treated with this medication.

  • Shift work sleep disorder

Armod 50 mg Tablets are used to treat excessive daytime sleepiness in those who are unable to maintain a regular sleep schedule as a result of shift changes at work.


Armod 50 Tablet reduces excessive drowsiness by adjusting the amounts of chemical messengers in the brain and acting as a stimulant.

Directions for Use of Armod 50 MG

  • Armod 50 Tablet must only be taken in accordance with the label's directions.
  • Armod 50 should be taken whole with a glass of water.
  • It shouldn't be eaten, fractured, or in any way crushed.
  • Never exceed the recommended dose or give this drug to someone else.
  • Inform your doctor of all prescription and over-the-counter medications, as well as any herbal supplements, before using this drug.
  • Tell your doctor about all of your medical issues before beginning this medicine.


Common side effects of Armod

  • Headache and vertigo
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia (a problem falling asleep)



  • Alcohol should not be consumed while using Armod 50 Tablet.


  • The use of Armod 50 tablets during pregnancy may be dangerous. Despite the paucity of human studies, studies on animals have indicated negative consequences on the developing fetus.
  • Before giving you a prescription, your doctor will consider the advantages and any possible hazards. Please speak with your physician.


  • Use of Armod 50 Tablet while nursing is probably not advised. The medicine may enter breastmilk and harm the baby, according to limited human data.


  • Armod 50 Tablet may make you feel drowsy and woozy, less attentive, or impact your vision. If you experience these symptoms, don't drive.
  • Patients will be urged to refrain from driving and other potentially hazardous activities.


Q. Does the Armod 50 tablet make you queasy?

A: The Armod-50 tablet can make you feel queasy. You can feel dizzy if you stand up quickly after laying or sitting down. When adjusting your position, carefully stand up to prevent vertigo. If the side effect persists for more time, please visit a doctor.

Q. Is the Armod 50 pill a narcotic drug that can cause addiction?

A: No. Not a narcotic, armodafinil is a stimulant. It has incredibly little potential to develop into a habit-forming substance. Always adhere to your doctor's recommendations for treatment frequency and dosage. Make careful to stick to your doctor's advised dosage and do not stop taking it suddenly.

Q. Is it safe for those with heart conditions to take Armod 50 mg Tablet?

A: Patients with heart disease should utilize the Armod 50 mg pill with caution. The risk of an irregular heartbeat and cardiac rhythm is raised by this medication.


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