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  • Active Ingredient: Chorionic Go
  • Treatment: infertility
  • Alcohol: Do not Drink
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What is SIFASI HP 10000 IU?

SifasiHp 10000 IU Injection is a hormone that promotes the healthy development of the egg in a woman's ovary.

It treats female infertility, pituitary abnormalities in young boys, undeveloped sexual characteristics in females, and male sperm count. It also promotes egg release during ovulation.

Sifasi HP 10000 IU Injection is injected directly into the muscle or beneath the skin.

You should not use SifasiHp 10000 IU Injection if you are allergic to it, pregnant, have early puberty, or have cancer connected to hormones.

Sifasi HP 10000 IU Injection is used to treat female infertility. It can be used to treat male hypogonadism, delayed puberty, and low sperm count.

It causes the ovary to produce eggs in women and increases testosterone levels in men.


What are the advantages of this medication?

Women's infertility therapy

A hormone included in Sifasi HP 10000 IU Injection aids in the regular growth of an egg in a woman's ovary and encourages the release of the egg during ovulation. It is used to stimulate ovulation.


This is beneficial in the treatment of female infertility. As a result, the chances of a successful pregnancy increase. It is given by a nurse or a doctor. You must take the medicine exactly as directed for it to work.


After becoming pregnant, you may be asked to continue this treatment for a period of time. 


Treatment of Male Hypogonadism

Hypogonadism is defined as the inability of the reproductive organs, such as the ovaries in women and the testicles in men, to produce the sex hormones required for reproduction.


Sifasi HP 10000 IU Injection increases male sperm production and testosterone production. This can aid in the treatment of male hypogonadism and the reduction of infertility. Please follow your doctor's instructions to get the most out of your treatment.


What are the potential side effects of this medication?

SIFASI HP 10000 IU medication has the following adverse effects: 


Anger, agitation, and depression are all symptoms.


Encumbrance with fluid

Puberty that occurs too soon

Enlargement of the male breast

Injection discomfort


Pain in the abdomen

Pelvic dissatisfaction

Sickness or vomiting


What are the warnings and precautions?

SIFASI HP 10000IU INJECTION may be used to maintain pregnancy during the luteal phase. However, it should not be used in late pregnancy. As a result, get advice from your doctor.


It is not advised to drink when using Sifasi HP 10000IU Injection. Please consult with your doctor.


SIFASI HP 10000IU INJECTION should be used with caution in people who have or have had cardiac diseases (such as high blood pressure). As a result, consult with your doctor before obtaining it.


SIFASI HP 10000IU INJECTION should be used with caution in patients who have or have ever had kidney disease. As a result, consult with your doctor before obtaining it.


Have ovarian, uterine, breast, or prostate cancer

Having androgen-dependent tumours


Do you have any uncontrolled hormonal conditions?

Experienced ovarian failure

Suffer from testicular dysfunction

Are you having surgery on your female reproductive system?

Display signs of entering puberty at an early age


What Should I Do If I Forget To Take My Medication?

This injection is frequently administered by a doctor or nurse in a clinic or hospital. As a result, the likelihood of skipping a dose is reduced. If you believe a dose has been missed, please notify your doctor and nurse.



Q. Does the SIFASI HP 10000 IU Injection hurt?

A. In general, any injection generates pain. There are reviews on the internet say that Sifasi HP 10000 IU Injection can cause moderate pain or tingling. This occurs extremely commonly with an injection procedure. However, if you have acute discomfort after the injection, seek emergency medical attention.


Q: How is Sifasi HP 10000 IU Injection administered?

A. Only clinical healthcare professionals, and only under their supervision, are permitted to inject this medication. When Sifasi HP 10000 IU Injection is meant to act inside the muscles, it is best to inject it into the buttocks or arms.


Before injecting the medicine beneath the skin, squeeze a part of the skin from the stomach or the front of the thigh.

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