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Generic Fosamax 35mg treats Osteoporosis Buy Online 0.95/Tab

Generic Fosamax 35mg treats Osteoporosis Buy Online 0.95/Tab
Generic Fosamax 35mg treats Osteoporosis Buy Online 0.95/Tab
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  • Brand: Cipla Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Model: Osteofos 35mg
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  • Active Ingredient: Alendronate
  • Treatment: Osteoporosis
  • MPN: NDC 69097-224

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What is Generic Fosamax 35 Mg?

Generic Fosamax 35 mg is a prescription medication that is used to prevent and treat osteoporosis in people.


This medication can be taken alone or in conjunction with other medications to achieve the best results. Osteoporosis causes bones to thin and shatter easily.


The risk of getting osteoporosis rises with age. menopause, and if you use corticosteroid medications for an extended period of time.


This medication should be taken under the doctor's supervision and exactly as directed.


What is the action of Generic Fosamax 35 Mg?

The active ingredient in Fosamax is alendronate. It is a bisphosphonate medication. This medication helps to strengthen your bones by reducing bone breakdown in the body. 


The use of generic Fosamax helps to decrease bone loss. This impact aids in the maintenance of strong bones and reduces the danger of shattered bones.


How should a Generic Fosamax oral pill be taken?

Before beginning the Fosamax tablet dose, read the patient information booklet. If you have any concerns about the drug, talk to your doctor right away.


Unless otherwise directed by your doctor, you should take this medication once a week. Choose a weekday that works for you and do it on that day every week.


Take this medication by mouth after you get up in the morning and before you have your first beverage, food, or other substance. Without crushing or chewing, swallow the pill whole with a glass of pure water.


Adverse reactions

Osteofos 35 mg Tablet has both major and mild side effects.


·         Pain in the abdomen

·         Vomiting and nausea

·         Heartburn

·         Swallowing Difficulties

·         Heartbeat irregularity

·         Appetite loss

·         Teeth enlargement

·         Muscle or joint discomfort

·         Ankle or foot swelling

·         Symptoms similar to the flu


Precautions and warnings of generic Fosamax 35 mg


If you are allergic to alendronate or other bisphosphonates, you must notify your doctor before beginning treatment.


Even if you have allergies such as rashes, hives, or others, inform the doctor ahead of time.


It is critical to notify the doctor about your medical history before beginning therapy, especially if you have:


·         Having difficulty swallowing

·         Intestinal or stomach sickness

·         Esophageal conditions

·         Having difficulty standing or sitting for at least 30 minutes

·         Calcium levels that are too slow

·         Kidney problems


A percentage of persons who use Fosamax pills may experience significant jawbone problems. To avoid this issue, the doctor will examine your mouth before beginning the dosage of this medication.


Missed Dose

If a once-daily Osteofos 35 mg Tablet dosage is missed, avoid taking it later in the day; instead, skip the dose and resume your usual dosing plan the next morning. Do not duplicate the dose to compensate for a missing one. If you miss your one-week dosage of Osteofos 35 mg Tablet, take it the next morning and proceed with your usual dosing regimen of a single tablet once a week.



In the event of an overdose, seek immediate medical attention or contact a doctor.

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