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  • Active Ingredient: Bimatoprost
  • Treatment: eye care
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What is it, and how do you use it?

The antiglaucoma medication Lumigan is used. It's a member of the prostamides class of medicines.


Eye pressure that is too high can be reduced using lumigan eye drops. Glaucoma is a condition brought on by this high pressure. If excessive pressure is not decreased, it can eventually harm your vision.


A clear, watery fluid is present in your eye, feeding the inside tissues. Every time fluid is evacuated from the eye, more fluid is produced to fill the gap.


When the liquid cannot be drained out quickly enough, Pressure inside the eye increases. As more fluid is evacuated, lumigan becomes more effective. As a result, the pressure inside the eye is reduced.


What is the usage?

Only the eye should receive lumigan. Use lumigan precisely as directed by your doctor at all times. If you're unsure, speak with your doctor or pharmacist.

Each eye that requires treatment should get one drop of lumigan in the evening on a regular basis.


Guidelines for use:

If the bottle's tamper-proof seal on the neck is compromised, Before use, the bottle must not be used.

•             Wash your hands. Your head is cocked back, looking up at the ceiling.

•             Until a When a tiny pocket forms, gently pull the lower eyelid down.

•             Invert the bottle and squeeze it to release one drop for every eye that requires treatment.

•             Release the lower eyelid, and then shut your eye for 30 seconds.


Repeat if the drop misses your eye.

Avoid touching anything or your eye with the bottle's tip to help prevent infections. After using the bottle, immediately replace the lid and shut the container.

What possible adverse effects are there?

Although not everyone experiences adverse effects, LUMIGAN 0.1 mg/ml can have them like all medications. Most negative effects are small and temporary.


Regular adverse effects

One to nine users out of every hundred may be impacted by these. Influencing the eyes

•             Small cracks in the eye's surface, either accompanied by or without inflammation

•             Irritation

•             Angular gaze

•             extended eyelashes

•             A drop in the eye can cause irritation.


Skin-related issues

•             Itchy, red, and inflamed eyelids

•             Surrounding the eye, the skin is darker.

•             A ring of hair around the eye


Unusual negative effects

Injurious to the eye:

•             A deeper shade of iris

•             Drained eye

•             Swelling on the eye's outer surface

•             Distorted vision

•             Drop in eye lashes


Skin-related effects:

•             Dry skin

•             On the outside margin of the eyelid

•             Inflammation of the eyelid

•             itching


Body-related effects:

•             Headache

•             A feeling of being ill


Should you fail to use LUMIGAN 0.1%/ml

When you recall taking LUMIGAN after forgetting, use just one drop before returning to your regular routine.Take no additional medication to make up for a missing dose.


How is it to be stored?

Keep children's hands and eyes away from this.


Lumigan has an expiration date that is listed on the bottle label and the carton after EXP. Do not use lumigan after that date. The expiration date designates the final day of that month.


Even if there are still a few drops inside, the bottle must be thrown away at least four weeks after it was originally opened. This will shield against illnesses. Put a date in the box's slot to help you remember when you first opened it.

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