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Buy Extra Super Avana
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  • Brand: Sunrise Remedies
  • Model: Extra Super Avana
  • Active Ingredient: Dapoxetine
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfu
  • Alcohol: Do not Drink
  • MPN: E81S12A23

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Extra Super Avanafil is a unique combo pill that cures two common male sex disorders at once, not just one. Erectile dysfunction, or ED, and early ejaculation are currently the most significant and common sexual problems.

In this situation, ED, a penis disorder that keeps you from becoming erect, is the former. Men who experience this type of sexual sickness find it difficult to achieve powerful erections even after stimulation.

The latter problem, known as premature ejaculation (PE for short), leads men to ejaculate too early and not have the most satisfying sex.

However, Extra Super Avanafil is crucial in helping you deal with both sets of issues and find relief in this circumstance.

What Purposes Does Extra Super Avana Serve?

Taking Extra Super Avanafil tablets requires that you have both ED and PE at the same time. A sign of ED is the penis not stiffening, whereas a sign of PE is the premature ejaculation of semen.

While both physical and psychological problems can manifest in a patient with PE ailments, ED disorders can also be caused by both of these types of problems.

Because Extra Super Avanafil is a single medicine that may treat both diseases, it is often the best choice for someone who has both ED and PE.


Sunrise Remedies is a pharmaceutical company with activities in India. Despite this, the company's supply chains and marketing requirements go outside its own country. The drug is utilized not just in India but also in many other countries, and the company frequently exports the drug to such countries.

Thanks to strong visionary management and a sufficient number of research professionals, the firm continually focuses on providing an exceptional and superior solution in the form of tablets to cure certain conditions.

The company has a wide and equally distributed product range and produces tablets to treat various ED conditions.

What constitutes Extra Super Avanafil's primary salt composition?

This section will cover the two main generic salts that make up the majority of a medicine's chemical structure. First, look through the medication's ingredients.

Given that you are already aware of the Extra Super Avanafil pill's capacity to cure two distinct conditions concurrently, it is not difficult to comprehend why the prescription calls for the use of two generic components as opposed to just one.

This tablet supports your search for a cure for both conditions by combining two different generic pharmaceuticals in precisely the right proportions.

These two tablets are, respectively, Avanafil and Dapoxetine. With the use of Avanafil, a PDE-5 hormone-inhibiting relative, you can have a nice, robust erection.

How is it stored?

To reestablish optimal storage conditions, you must primarily take two factors into account. One of them is temperature, which should vary from 10 to a maximum of 25 degrees Celsius for the correct maintenance of the tablets.

Another factor to think about is the humidity component. Keep in mind that the lower the humidity in the storage place, the better for the longer maintenance of the tablets. Keep your Extra Super Avanafil tablets in a dry atmosphere as a result.

How should I take my Extra Super Avana?

Given that Extra Super Avanafil tablets are oral pills, you don't need to worry too much about how to take them. Most likely, you've already taken one or more oral tablets.

You understand that once the tablet is in your mouth, you must take it whole—without crushing or chewing—down your throat with water.

What are the Side Effects?

Some of the most prevalent side effects of using the Extra Super Avanafil tablet include the following:

·         Headache dizziness

·         Diarrhea vomiting

·         Nausea

·         Continent pain

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