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Champix 1mg

Champix 1mg
Champix 1mg
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  • Brand: Pfizer Ltd
  • Model: Champix 1mg
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  • Active Ingredient: Varenicline
  • Treatment: Quit Smoking
  • Alcohol: Do not drink
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The Champix 1 mg Tablet is a strong smoking-cessation drug that makes it easier to stop smoking by reducing the urge to smoke and withdrawal symptoms. When coaching and teaching the patient about the medicine are added, it works better.


Don't smoke.

Take CHAMPIX as your doctor tells you to. It's fine to take it with or without food. Take the medicine by mouth with water. Don't chew on the medicine or crush it. Your doctor will figure out the right amount and length of time for you based on your age, weight, and health.


CHAMPIX works by stopping nicotine from making your brain feel good when you smoke. As a result, it will help you stop smoking.

Champix 1 MG side effects

  • Cold made people weigh more
  • Weird dreams
  • Sore head
  • Feeling dizzy Cough


The mouth is dry.

  • A dry mouth can be treated by sucking on sugar-free hard candies or chewing sugar-free gum, which will make your mouth make more saliva. At regular times, you should drink water. Mouthwashes with alcohol shouldn't be used because they can dry out the mouth. See a doctor if your dry mouth gets worse.


  • Rest and calm down. Drink a lot of liquids, like water or ORS (Oral Rehydrating Solution), and, if needed, rub a pain relief on the area. See a doctor if your headache didn't go away.


  • Try to take a break and nap. Get enough sleep. If you feel dizzy, don't drive or use any kind of tools. If you feel dizzy, don't drink booze because it will make you feel even worse. If your dizziness doesn't go away, you should see a doctor.

Vomiting and nauseous:

  • Take CHAMPIX right before or after a meal. Keep your food simple. Eat less food that is hot or greasy. If you still feel sick and want to throw up, call your doctor.

What are the Benefits of Champix?

The Champix 1 Tablet helps treat people who are hooked on nicotine. It has the drug "Varenicline," which helps people stop smoking. It is a nicotinic agonist that works on nicotinic receptors in the brain and spinal cord to block nicotine's affects.

Champix 1 Capsule cuts down on cravings and withdrawal effects during treatment and after. Also, it makes smoking less fun or happy, which makes it easier for people to quit.

During therapy with Champix 1 Tablet, people who are trying to quit smoking should have the right emotional support and educational tools.


Q: When during the day should I take a Champix 1mg tablet?

A. Your doctor will tell you when to take Champix 1mg pills. For the best results, take your medicine as directed every day for as long as it says to.

Q: Is the 1 mg pill of Champix also recommended for kids?

A. Adults are the only ones who should take Champix 1 mg pills.

Q: Can you buy Champix 1 mg pills without a prescription?

A. You can't buy Champix 1 mg pills over the counter. You must have a legal prescription in order to buy this medicine.


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